THE Sports Stations

There are lots of sports stations called The Fan, The Ticket, The Score, and tons of those ESPN stations, but there’s only one station that’s Talking Sports KRAP 24 hours a day. It’s Sports KRAP.

Yeah, we know what you’re saying. “Dude, is this for real? A radio station named KRAP? You’re probably some internet-only station broadcasting from the basement of some guy’s Mom’s house.”

No, we’re for real. Were an FCC licensed radio station broadcasting at 1350 Kilohertz pounding out a whopping 500,000 milliwatts. But we do realize that we’re KRAP. In fact, our transmitter is KRAP. Our signal is KRAP. Our studios are KRAP. Even our staff is KRAP.

Sports KRAP has been on the air for three years now. It’s been so successful that we’ve added another station. The new station is an FM station pumping out an amazing 250,000 milliwatts at 107.1 This new station is a sports blow torch. We had to cut down some of the trees near the new tower as the leaves were catching fire.

So now you have two choices for Sports. The original sports station at 1350 AM, and now the new sports station at 107.1 FM. We conducted a national contest to name both of these stations. And the extremely creative name that we picked was The Sports Stations. Ah yes, sports fans are a creative bunch.